Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Races of Blues Fantasy, part one

The songbirds are a race of humanoid avian. This comes from their calls of communication to calls of echo location. Every single sound has a meaning as is also their chief disadvantages. You can always hear a songbird. There music tends to more progressive as with the Memphis style of blues and jug band. It said that many of the migrations gave birth to multiple genres of music. Being arcane creatures they are more adept to Magic. As to their relations to others that are sought after by all magic interested parties. They tend to shy away from soulless, because they drain them of them powers. The devil-touched love them because of their manipulative powers. There lands tend to be from small towns to moderate cities.

The demontouched are human that were used as go between and pitchmen for the higher demon lords. Through years and years, some are called succubus and haunts. They became disgusted with the scraps the higher ups were given them and they decided to branch out of there on. The own power that the kept for them selves. Their music tends to be bass driven, sultry and if you her of a painful love song of somebody bragging about how bad they are it is pro. They relations with others are what you expect. Everyone wants to get ahead but they realized that the demontouched are there pulling the string.

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