Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Mojo and Magic Headliners

I am trying to populate my Blues Setting with the equivalents for Gandalf and Dumbledore.  I broke down the Npcs ino suits from a deck of cards.  Spades = Death and Agriculture, Hearts = Love and Romance. Diamonds = Wealth and Clubs = War and Partying. Here is a sorceress who has a tragic past.

Mona Lowe was a singer who recorded many songs but she was also famous for being the protégé of Gordon Morphy, Jr.  It is said that she was courted by everyone for her beauty and her talent, but she finally went with Marvin “King Snake” Seals

Blind Billy Jackson was a curious boy who pick up things here and there like the piano.  His mother urged him in all his pursuits till thet day she died.  Then when his father remarried he caught his stepmother stepping out with another man.  The rumor is that the stepmother took an iron and hit Billy in the face with it blinding him.  This caused his hearing to be extra sensitive to the point he can hear if someone speaks the truth, but you know how the truth gets twisted and turned...

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