Friday, September 10, 2010

A little Jerk spice on my Savage Worlds Sushi

The one thing I have always likes about Savage Worlds Settings is the chance to put your own spin on things. I started thinking about using Iron Dynasty and throw in some of my favorite Video games (Street Fighter, Soul Calibur, Mortal Kombat). I probably going to use him and others in a demo, if I get the chance. I based this guy off of Dee Jay from Street Fighter.

My History of Asian culture is not good but I thought of this guy while at work (don't tell anyone)

Name - Kangen Odoriko

Home Province - Sorimizu

Attributes: Agility d6, Spirit d8, Stamina d6, Strength d6, Vigor d6

Skills: Fighting d10, Ki Focus d8, Persuasion d6, Stealth d6, Streetwise d6, Taunt d8

Charisma – 0, Pace – 6, Parry – 7, Toughness - 5

Hindrances: Heroic, Distracted *, Outsider

Edges: Ki Control, Signature Move, Empty Hands

The young boy was labeled an outsider because of the way he look and talk. He was taken by Onbin, and helped out at the Geisha house and fell in love with their style of dance and storytelling. The music gave him focus, but would also sometimes throw off the lessons he was learning. They gave him the name Kangen and gave him an education of survival in the Iron Dynasty.

Unique Hindrance *-2 to Notice rolls (music can draw his attention away from the task at hand

Saturday, August 28, 2010

Now for something completely different..

I took a break from Savage Worlds and found an awesome game. It’s called Hoodoo Blues. I hope to one day actually play it, but we all know (especially gamers) it will lie on my shelf for a year. Then I will pity my group to play it. Anyway, here is my first attempt at a character.

Thomas Synclar was a slave from Central South Carolina, a town called Irmo. He prayed to b deliver from evil day in and day out, but no one heard his pleas. Then an elder took him aside and taught him the ways of Voodoo. He took to this practice fast and soon was got his freedom. After gaining it, came back for his family and realized that this was his calling, to help others, as the Loa has help him. Even down through the years, in various capacities he has been at the front battle to help anyone he can.

Name: Thomas Synclar
Race: black
Character Class: voodoo
Advantages: Born Feet-First Drug Resistant Good Rep Two Shadows Witch Survivor
Disads: Addiction: Nicotine Night blindness
Attributes: AGY 10. AWR 10, CHM 10. END 10. INL 10, SPD 10. STH 10. WIL 10. BLD 4, BDY 4, INCY 4.
Weariness: , WIL with full Weariness: 10, WIL with half Weariness: 10
Skills: Bring & Hold Hands (WIL) (2) Christian Exorcism (WIL) (2) Monter la Tete (WIL) (2) Music (AWR) (1) Storytelling (CHM) (1) Light Sleep (AWR) (1) Lipreading (AWR) (1) Running (SPD) (1) Sleight of Hand (AGY) (1) Boxing (Combat) (3) Pistol (Combat) (2) Rifle/Shotgun (Combat) (2)

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

A Savage Break - Rippers

I finally got the chance to run another Savage Worlds Game. Our regular Hackmaster Game was postponed, so I volunteered to run SW. The group decided on Rippers (a personal Favorite). They used the Pregens and after a review of the rules were off.
The Rippers were summoned to meet at the London Lodge by Abraham Van Helsing to look in to the disappearance of Madelyne Hemsworth a daughter of a friend. She had been last seen in the company of certain Lord Talbot. The Rippers were asked to look into the matter and into rumors of the Talbot family’s dealings in the occult.
Through investigations the party found out that there was a party at the Talbot home this evening and Jonathan manage to get an invitation for him and guests. Before going into mansion, Witowski manage to hide his guns near a window for easy access. Then he posed as a blind man so he could sneak Eli into the crowd. While posing in the act Witowski was very charming and got lady friends for him and Mack. Jonathan went to the bar and started scanning the crowd for any clues. A slip up by Mack caused him to rip his dance partner’s with his claws.
Later the party quieted down as a older woman on a second story landing, introduced herself as Lady Fiona Talbot and announced the engagement of Thaddeus Talbot to Madelyne Hemsworth. Immediately Jonathan tried to stealthily scan the couple for any magic, but was caught. AS he was escorted down a quiet hall, Mack and Witowski closed in to help their friend. Witowski went into a convincing act of losing his dog to give Jonathan time to act.
Jonathan cast a thunderclap that luckily only affected the attackers, and Mack clawed one of the assailants. Before they could get any information more guards came out, these were bigger and hairier.
Mack fought with a savage fury, cutting and slashing his foes to ribbons. They followed the couple down another hallway. This one was unlit and foreboding. After quickly searching the various doors, The group found the room that Thaddeus was hiding. He was also the in the company of two guards and four large dogs. Before he could talk, Witowski shot at him unfortunately the bullet seemed to bounce off something before it got to Thaddeus (I love the deflection power) and he transformed into a wolfman. After a few lightning bolts and another thunderclap, it was down to Thaddeus and the group. Mack clawed and kicked him, but he was just too strong. Jonathan finally deduced that the deflection power was coming from Talbot’s necklace. Thaddeus put up a struggle and got in one bite on Witowski. Mack finally got a killing blow.
Before leaving the group caused a fire to cover their exit through the window as the left with Thaddeus’ body and an unconscious Madelyne.

Saturday, March 13, 2010

Savage Mojo and Magic aka Hoodoo Blues

Near the Turn of the century, a young blues guitarist wanted more than anything to be a great player. One night he met a stranger along a southern backwoods crossroads. This man told asked to see the blues player’s instrument. He tuned and plucked it and told him to play it. The blues man found that he could make music that he never could before. But when he looked around he was no longer in the same place. He figured that the music somehow moved him to another place. He spent months trying to find a way back home. While trying to learn about this strange new world, he finally made it back. It was not without consequences. Something followed him back.

Move ahead ten years, the Earth is not the one you remember; there is still a great Depression. But now there are new beings here are rumors of Creatures from the Underworld walking around just like normal people. They go around granting heart’s desire subtly, through imbued possessions of their victims. People of Sound and Emotion try to undo the evils that have been coming through since that fateful day. Travel to the Delta to fight the Soulless for a return on an innocent’s soul or have a showdown with a Haunt on the Killing Floor.

Different ways I picture this setting:

  • Planetary romance – a vast amount of people are teleported to a strange world. Think Muddy Waters, Warlord of Mars.
  • Dark Gothic fantasy – the world is a mix of some horror and film noir. What if B. B. King was a monster hunter and adventurer? Somewhere between Van Helsing, Indy and Sam Spade.