Saturday, March 13, 2010

Savage Mojo and Magic aka Hoodoo Blues

Near the Turn of the century, a young blues guitarist wanted more than anything to be a great player. One night he met a stranger along a southern backwoods crossroads. This man told asked to see the blues player’s instrument. He tuned and plucked it and told him to play it. The blues man found that he could make music that he never could before. But when he looked around he was no longer in the same place. He figured that the music somehow moved him to another place. He spent months trying to find a way back home. While trying to learn about this strange new world, he finally made it back. It was not without consequences. Something followed him back.

Move ahead ten years, the Earth is not the one you remember; there is still a great Depression. But now there are new beings here are rumors of Creatures from the Underworld walking around just like normal people. They go around granting heart’s desire subtly, through imbued possessions of their victims. People of Sound and Emotion try to undo the evils that have been coming through since that fateful day. Travel to the Delta to fight the Soulless for a return on an innocent’s soul or have a showdown with a Haunt on the Killing Floor.

Different ways I picture this setting:

  • Planetary romance – a vast amount of people are teleported to a strange world. Think Muddy Waters, Warlord of Mars.
  • Dark Gothic fantasy – the world is a mix of some horror and film noir. What if B. B. King was a monster hunter and adventurer? Somewhere between Van Helsing, Indy and Sam Spade.

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