Saturday, August 28, 2010

Now for something completely different..

I took a break from Savage Worlds and found an awesome game. It’s called Hoodoo Blues. I hope to one day actually play it, but we all know (especially gamers) it will lie on my shelf for a year. Then I will pity my group to play it. Anyway, here is my first attempt at a character.

Thomas Synclar was a slave from Central South Carolina, a town called Irmo. He prayed to b deliver from evil day in and day out, but no one heard his pleas. Then an elder took him aside and taught him the ways of Voodoo. He took to this practice fast and soon was got his freedom. After gaining it, came back for his family and realized that this was his calling, to help others, as the Loa has help him. Even down through the years, in various capacities he has been at the front battle to help anyone he can.

Name: Thomas Synclar
Race: black
Character Class: voodoo
Advantages: Born Feet-First Drug Resistant Good Rep Two Shadows Witch Survivor
Disads: Addiction: Nicotine Night blindness
Attributes: AGY 10. AWR 10, CHM 10. END 10. INL 10, SPD 10. STH 10. WIL 10. BLD 4, BDY 4, INCY 4.
Weariness: , WIL with full Weariness: 10, WIL with half Weariness: 10
Skills: Bring & Hold Hands (WIL) (2) Christian Exorcism (WIL) (2) Monter la Tete (WIL) (2) Music (AWR) (1) Storytelling (CHM) (1) Light Sleep (AWR) (1) Lipreading (AWR) (1) Running (SPD) (1) Sleight of Hand (AGY) (1) Boxing (Combat) (3) Pistol (Combat) (2) Rifle/Shotgun (Combat) (2)

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