Sunday, November 22, 2009


First up is my Rippers Game. I kind of went another way with the setting. I started then in traditional manner in Jolly ole England. It is still turn of the century, but in centered in North America. Specifically, the South. Here is the summary of our first tale.

The party consisted of Julian Von Braun a retired gentleman of leisure cough*thief (think Sean Connery from Entrapment), Amos "McGrumpy"(He never smiles) McDowell, A woodsman and guide from East Europe, Abigale Harvey, a female Detective, and Shepherd Ezekiel Solomon, an evangelist.

The group answered invitations to meet a group called the Seer society, most think that it was a simple social event.

Abigale spent most of the evening trying to drum up some high-class clients. The only cases she is getting are missing person, and crimes against women. While she is passionate about helping the least fortunate she has bills. Amos blundered and asked about the arsenal. A slight looking man walked up to him, shook his hand (nearly crushing it) and told him “All in good time”. Shepherd simply listed to the religious conversations, and overheard something about attacks in Nice, France. Julian could not resist and swiped a silver place setting from the table and collected a few marks (Yeah, this is going to be fun).

After leaving the party the four walk to their lodge and was met the old woman walking with her grandson.

The group was stunned for a while and the grandson took off only to be killed by the Hyde. The Hyde survived the first shot from Amos’ shotgun (you should have seen Amos’ jaw drop). Shepherd used the Deflection power Guardian Angel to try and protect himself as he joined the fight. The Hyde ran up, grabbed Amos while was reloading, and threw him into the preacher. Knocking him to the side. They eventually killed the creature and Shepherd fast-talk his way out of trouble with the Bobbies. When they searched the body pick up the note there was also a gold medal that fell off the body of the Hyde. 1

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