Sunday, November 22, 2009

Rippers - The Secret Path of the Corrupt

The group made their way across the Atlantic and settle a small town of Chattanooga, Tennessee. We catch we the group after the had solved a mystery of a haunted railroad tunnel.

After Abigale and Will were finished recuperating, the group was given a tour for Professor Shelton’s Mansion. Allan worked out in the training Facilities, with one of Shelton’s servants (roleplaying his advance in Fighting). Will and Abigale spent some time improving their Guts by Henri the Chef cooking up exotic foods with monster parts (bat wings and ghoul eyes). Abigale also ventured into the library and read up on the Rippers and the Cabal. In talking to Shelton, she also found out that her husband was seen in the area supposedly after his reported death.

Pastor Melvin Turvis called the group. He was a preacher at Lindsay Street Church. He told a story of how the janitor was attacked. Upon examination by Babby (Abigale’s nickname given to her by her husband), the janitor had scores of insect bites on his legs, chest, and arms. The party went to the church and started to look down in the basement. There was a Professor of Religion that was also learning more about the church independently from the group.

The party was shown the cellar where the attack happened, and saw three 12-inch beetle-like creatures scurry around. The groups made very quick work of them, afterward the floor started to creak and suddenly the floor sank. The Rippers were surround by many clicking jaws, many times larger than the ones they recently fought. They fought there way to a rope the Professor lowered and all but Julian made it out he was torn to piece by the bugs. The group lit some explosives and brought down the church killing many worshipers.

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