Sunday, November 22, 2009

Rippers - The Secret Life of The Lady Saint

Here is another tale of Rippers. I wanted to posted even though they did not finish it. I thought they did pretty good. It was recount by Sara the player of Abigale Harvey. Forgive my lack of knowledge of England and the church.

Ezekiel, two hired guns and I go to find Gloria Manning, the missing female vicar. She is described as headstrong and very outspoken for the equality of women in the church. She has been missing two weeks. We go to the county of Newport, where she was last serving. We meet Patrick Trent, the constable of Newport, who has been investigating the Disappearance. He has made no progress. He tells us Gloria’s family has been notified, but they live far away. He is suspicious after questioning us (we tell him we’re with the church following Gloria’s progress, but didn’t know she was missing). Trent directs us to an inn for the evening.

Marcus O’Rear is the associate pastor sent to take over Mass for the missing Gloria. We don’t meet him yet, but he is staying in the parsonage where Gloria lived. Trent tells us O’Rear wasn’t thrilled that Gloria was a woman. Emily Stansfield was Gloria’s assistant, and was the last to see her. The inn is owned by Arnold Fiske and his wife, whose first name I forgot to write down. We notice a familiar name in the register of hotel guests: Darrin Chambers. We go down to dinner, and after ordering and getting our water, I notice our drinks have been poisoned. Mrs. Fiske was the Person who took our order and delivered our water. At this point, the only person we’ve told of our reason for visiting has been the constable. However, four men at a nearby table are heard complaining about women and are looking in our direction. They obviously know why we’re here. The come over to confront us, and a fight ensues. The other people sitting alone at various other tables leave, and Mrs. Fiske stays back from the fight. One man is killed, two others injured and one runs away (getting into a car, we believe.) The constable comes as the townspeople blame us for starting the fight and accuse us of murder. The constable appears to be on our side, and takes us to the courthouse. He locks us in a room, and we are poisoned with gas.

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