Sunday, November 22, 2009

RIppers - The Secret Page of the Yellow King

After catching the Nautilus, Freddie, Vander, Dyana, and Randall were invited to a celebration in their honor the spent the day shopping for formal wear and interesting stories or gossip. The others Will, Abigale, and Allan, caught up with them. Randall heard a rumor while searching for a legendary sword, that young girls were being kidnapped in China. Allan was getting sicker and sicker, and Freddie was nowhere to be found. During the Party everybody was hobnobbing. Abigail met a Captain who was also in the Rippers he had been trying to get some backing for another lodge, in China. Vander was irritating some Asian by speaking nothing but German to his guests. Allan made interesting time with a Clothing and Textle Hieress Lydia Hamilton. Will and Randall were keeping and eye out on the crowd.

During the Night the heard about a new play called "The King in Yellow", everyone they talked to couldn't wait to see the play. The groups newest member Jack started reading the book. After reading the final sentence a black sphere opened into the room and Jack was sucked into the Darkness,

The group was pulled in to the void of the King in Yellow. After a fast battle, the groups killed the king but without his presence the place started to dissolve. The Group made to the portal before it closed.

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