Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Can You Dig It....Savage Worlds Style!!!!

The guy who runs our regular game was gone this week and we decided to run our usual SW one-shot. I usually run a Rippers, or my Blues fantasy game but this time I ran a roll and run Blaxploitation Game and it went pretty well. 

I borrowed heavily d20 modern, Solid d20 blaxploitation, Deadlands, Rippers and my limited video library. Most of the guys had only Black Dynamite and Boondocks to reference but once I put on my Funk playlist (yeah I was prepared). 

The posse consisted of: 

Aloysius "Sweet Leaf" Walker - A Hustler that can get you anything you need a lot of things you dont. Works a lot with Montenegro 

William White - Was an ex high school teacher on the run who was a street chemist for a gangster named Phoenix, things got a little too hot for him and he had to fake his death. He was the victim of an attempted mugging when he arrived in the city but was saved by Montenegro Jones. 

Abraham "Ruckus" Jackson - It had been rumored that the assassin Shiroi Akuma killed his master, Sheba and took her belt of power. He has been studying at the Sugarfist Dojo for years. After figuring out how to reach the next level which is called the Heat he wanted to exact revenge, but crime and corruption of the city has destroyed so many lives so so he must protect others before his quest can start. 

Montenegro Jones - Pimp Extraordinaire, that's all he gave me. If the Rock and The Wicked Witch of the West had a baby Jones would be it. The player of Montenegro always plays wizards and loves the huckster's "deal with the devil" rules. So I made him a grandson of his Blues game and a descendant of our Fanasty game mage, Diaboli Villano 

A mutual friend the the posse names Jelly Roll asked for a meeting to help him with something. When the got there they found out the some street junkie knock over a convenience store. When word got out that they knocked over a store owned by gangster Tito Samucci, the punks decide to give it to Jelly to make things right. Jelly called Tito to try an set up a meet. 

Monte recognized the name Samucci and knew they were supposedly heavy into the dark arts. Sweet Leaf looked into the sack and found about a thousand dollars and a smaller sack containing a number of glowing gems. The group figure these had some occult significances and would be dangerous in the hands of Tito. After kicking around ideas of what to do some realized that Jelly told Samucci where his money was....Here. Just then the lights went out and then front windows exploded. 

Six humanoids ran in looking for the stuff that was taken. Ruckus jumped into the fight, Sweet Leaf cowered in a corner and Monte cast his rhymes. As part of his Arcane Background the caster has to say a rhyme. yea there was a lot of Roadblock from G I Joe and Bullhorn from Black Dynamite at the table but some were pretty good. 

During the fight, one of Monte's spell didn't go off right and he collapsed. William Macgyvered a light source while everyone was fighting. I secretly used the rippertech rules for his drugs and the mad scientist rules for his inventions. So William is slowly going crazy. William tried to save him, he picked up a chair and caved in the hood's head. 

They took care of the hoods. Monte felt that they were being watched and it made him feel...uncomfortable. After planning there next move the decided to find a hiding place. 

My group enjoyed the game and I look forward to playing it again.

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