Tuesday, April 1, 2014

47 Ronin...Yeah, I like it.

This is just a random scattering of my thoughts while they are still rolling around in my head.  

47 Ronin was a object lesson.  It was told to show that things like loyalty, you promise and honor are sometimes more important that your life.  Yes, the writers took liberty with the story and maybe it was the equivalent of the Avengers movie (Thurman, not Downey).  The cinematography, the costume design, and even the fight scenes were good. The ronin followed the way of the bushido.  This was way of life.  One of the key words is Honor.  I think you ask the common reasonable intelligent Westerner about what Honor is and Ill bet they will give a cloudy amorphous answer.  I thought it was a good attempt to tell a popular story from Japanese Mythology. How many of us would take a task knowing that even if you win or complete it, you will die.

Do you believe in anything that strongly, sad to say I don't.

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