Monday, September 7, 2015

The Snow Slaughter Of Garth County

A friend of mine wrote this when I mentioned a thought today

By: Jack

The residents of Garth County awoke to light snow already in progress.  Snow, although common to the area, was unusual for such late February.  Undeterred by such light precipitation, everyone still reported to various schools, offices, shops, and even courthouses.  The court docket for that day was small, as there were only four prisoners in transport.  Two men for theft charges, one for vandalism, and then one for murder.  The defendant accused of murder was a most unusual person with a most unusual case.  He was abnormally tall, with long dark hair. 
His neck and arms were printed with woven pentagram tattoos and pictures of creatures not of the earth.  Reports said he was caught in a cornfield by a passing highway patrol.  The man was performing some bizarre ritual inside a human pentagram.  He massacred a farming family on the land and cut their limbs to make the ritualistic shape.  His horrendous crime was a shock tothe residents of Garth County, his arraignment was to expose him somewhat to the public andthe courts.  The snows were keeping most people home as the morning progressed.  The judgetook all petty citations first, and then started the arraignments, holding the murder case for last.
The snow intensified minute by minute.  Judge Tab called the man up, bound in cuffs and chains by two older bailiffs.  Snow pounded against the windows, Judge Tab read the facts, growing angry in the details.  The bizarre man started chanting and mumbling something unintelligible.  A clerk breaks the room to announce a blizzard has seized them and the courthouse doors are frozen over.  Suddenly the bizarre man breaks his chains and rips the throat of a bailiff out. 
The clerk, judge, bailiff, and three defendants run through the wall of the courtroom to the judge’s chambers. The remaining courtroom attendees are now hypnotized under the bizarre man’s chanting, turning into mindless killing slaves.  The harsh blizzard upon them, facing certainsupernatural death in the courthouse, these six unlikely people must band together to stay alive and fight off the most bizarre man in Garth County.

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